Paxful Pay brings together three sides: merchants (selling something), buyers (wanting to buy something), and Paxful vendors (exchanging buyer payment methods to BTC). The solution is unique as transactions are handled through the robust Paxful platform trades which happens peer-to-peer.

The time it takes for a Paxful; transaction to clear can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the amount of the transaction, the type of transaction, and the network connection at the time of the transaction. In general, Paxful transactions are usually completed within a few minutes, although it may take longer in some cases.

The Paxful platform follows many strict security measures to keep your money protected.

For starters, Paxful follows all the applicable regulations and laws. In addition, Paxful has an astringent and well-constructed anti-money laundering policy to ensure all your money is kept under tight security.