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Vault 247 is a synthetic indices feature. Synthetic indices are used by traders throughout the world. Want to understand the hype? Sign up for a Vault Markets account today and get started.

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What are synthetic indices?

Synthetic indices are unique figures that mimic real-world market movements but aren’t affected by real-world events. These numbers are based on a secure, random number generator. They’re audited by an independent third party to prevent alteration or manipulation. Synthetic indices are unstable and are free of market and liquidity risks.

Why choose Vault 247?

Vault 247 can be used to trade 24/7. Why? Unlike FX pairs, synthetic Indices have the same level of instability. They also offer extremely low spreads

Synthetic Indices available 24/7 such as Volatility 75, Volatility 100, Crash and Boom indices PLUS MUCH MORE!

Trade on MT5

MT5 is an all-in-one CFD trading platform. Make use of the wide range of professional trading tools and plugins, including analytical objects, technical indicators, and unlimited charts in numerous timeframes, to manage your capital and trading positions better.

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For experienced traders, the period between 9:30 to 10:30a. m. ET is one of the best hours of the day. It offers the biggest moves in the shortest amount of time. It’s important to consider that different indices are traded at different times.

Synthetic indices move by using a random number generator to create new integers. It’s the secure computer software that generates random numbers.

Synthetic indices are fictitious markets that behave like real monetary markets. Except, their behavior is created from the use of randomly generated numbers. These random numbers are developed by a computer programme.